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Here at All Things Computer, we are highly focused on Web Design. WordPress is proving to be our favored web development platform. Many of the WordPress themes rock! Why reinvent the wheel, when you can find a WordPress Theme that will do everything for you that you want to have done?

We joined the ThemeIsle Pirate’s Club and purchased their Blackbeard Level 3 Support, which includes a license to all of their many WordPress Themes along with a license to their WordPress Plugins and full access to their WordPress Support Forum.

They actually respond to the messages that we leave on their WordPress Support Forum; and, if you are a Theme Junkie they have nearly 40 WordPress themes with their Treasure Chest or Pirate’s Club memberships, for you to try. That’s why we purchased access to all the ThemeIsle themes, and that is why we wanted them as one of our Affiliates.

For access to their complete Treasure Chest of nearly 40 WordPress Themes, it takes $59.00 in US Currency. Hope you have as much enjoyment with it as we have had.

Join up and join the treasure hunt. Get yerself lots o’ WordPress Themes!

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