The Source of All Our Images

Every Image or Picture that we have used on our websites is available on Google Images or YouTube. Often clicking on the Image will take you directly to its source online, but there are times when that is not possible. Just know that the Images were found online at Google Images.  If the Image came from YouTube, the Image itself links to its source on YouTube.

Students often get very excited when I first introduce them to Google Images.  It’s quite a resource, actually.

The planet Saturn is a running theme on our websites.  If you click the link, you can see where most of our Images came from.  Obviously, if people don’t want their Images or Pictures being used and accessed, then they need to get them off of Google Images.

We made some of the images or pictures ourselves, and some of our images were pulled off the websites of our affiliates.  A few of the images we used might have originated on Facebook.  Obviously, for some of the free software that we are promoting, we got the images either from Google Images or from the software’s home page.

On this particular site, we are promoting Malware Removal extensively, and the link gives you access to the source of the Images that we used for that.  I love the collection of “Malware Images” that come up at this link.

This is the link to the picture of our Web Designer.

This Sunset Picture resonates with us, and we used it on the ZARIF website.  Obviously, we have a copy saved on this website as well.

There are a bunch of Images out there from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure featuring The Powers That Be, and we used one of them on our site.

It all can be had and accessed for free from Google Images.  We have no idea if the people we linked to are the original owners or producers of these images.  All we can say for sure is that we harvested most of our images from Google Images, unless stated otherwise.





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