Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy:

Nobody can register for this website. Nobody can make any comments on this website. We collect no information from our users on this website. There is no way for you to add your personal information to this website. You can contact us through the email contact form, and we might reply; but, we are not collecting or saving any of the email addresses. We have nothing of yours to share with anyone else.

We employ security plugins to slow or block brute force attacks. Our affiliates might collect personal information from you, but that is their business and not ours. We are not spying on you or watching what you do while you surf this website. We offer free advice at times, and you are responsible for how it is used. If you use the information we give you to destroy your computer or delete your files, that’s your responsibility and not ours. We are not tracking or taking responsibility for any of that.

Our images were found on Google Images. If you don’t want your images used here on this website, then please don’t put them on Google Images.

Obviously, on our Forums if you choose to register there, we will be collecting your email address. We will use that email address as we see fit to enhance the user experience.

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time. We should be in full compliance with the Regulatory Authorities when it comes to our Privacy Policy because we are not collecting or sharing any personal information on this website. You can’t get much more private than that.

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