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Rapid Mode: Samsung Magician

Postby The Powers That Be » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:30 pm

I have purchased a couple of Samsung 850 Pros. Samsung provides a piece of software that's called the Samsung Magician that you use to optimize the performance of your Samsung SSD.

One of the options is Rapid Mode. What it does is creates a RAM disk that it then uses to help accelerate the read/write process of the SSD.

Since I have 8 Gig of RAM in my one machine, I decided to enable Rapid Mode from withing the Samsung Magician. Wow, it's really impressive in the benchmarks. In Crystal Mark, the SSD is like ten times faster than without the Rapid Mode.

http://crystalmark.info/software/Crysta ... dex-e.html

So, why not leave Rapid Mode enabled?

Well, when loading and running programs off the SSD, you can't tell any difference between Rapid Mode enabled and Rapid Mode disabled.

Now for the deal-breaker. I realized over time that with Rapid Mode enabled, the computer took noticeably longer to boot than it did with Rapid Mode turned off. Apparently, it takes quite a bit of time and overhead during boot-up to create the Rapid Mode RAM disk. It also appears that the Samsung Magician has to be run every time you boot in order for it to initialize the Rapid Mode program.

Since the primary appeal of an SSD is the faster boot time, the Rapid Mode was counteracting that benefit; and, when Rapid Mode was enabled, the programs didn't seem to load any faster or run any better. Therefore, the Rapid Mode was pointless, unless you are trying to run benchmarks after the Rapid Mode RAM disk has been initialized and gotten going.

Therefore, I disabled the Rapid Mode feature from within the Samsung Magician, and I haven't missed it one bit. The computer seems to be noticeably more responsive as a result, especially during the boot-up process and initial housekeeping process.

Link for downloading the Samsung Magician software:
http://www.samsung.com/global/business/ ... up_v44.zip
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