Google Chrome Is My Must-Have Program

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Google Chrome Is My Must-Have Program

Postby The Powers That Be » Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:42 am

Whenever I am setting up a computer for someone and installing the Windows Operating System, the only thing I tend to use Internet Explorer for is to download and install Google Chrome.

Some people have computers that are so old and so slow that when they click the icon to run Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer crashes their machine or brings their machine to a stand-still. Yet, I can install Google Chrome on their ancient machine and most of the time it will run fine enough for them to surf the internet.

Furthermore, you can only install the ancient buggy versions of Internet Explorer on the ancient machines and ancient Windows Operating Systems. With Google Chrome, you are getting the most recent version (the most bullet-proof version) of Chrome installed on that ancient machine. Chrome is better all the way around, especially if you want something that just works.

I make it a point to always have an installable copy of Google Chrome on my portable flash drive, so that I can install Chrome on a friend's or client's computer just in case Internet Explorer can't be used to download and run the Chrome installation files on their ancient machines.

Stand-Alone Versions of Google Chrome: ... opic=14660

Updating Multiple Users: ... opic=14660
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Re: Google Chrome Is My Must-Have Program

Postby Bilbo Baggins » Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:53 am

In school, the IT Instructors keep telling us that Google Search is our best friend. A year's worth of experience taught me that they are in fact telling the truth.

Other computer gurus keep telling me that Google is my best friend for all things to do with Hosting and online Advertising. I have found that to be true as well.

Google Chrome is also my most favorite browser. The thing works, and works right.

I like Blogger for creating my free blogs, and that comes for free through a free Google Account.

Google Drive is one of the slowest and most buggy (doesn't sync right across multiple machines) cloud drives, but they give you 15 GB of free storage for use with a single machine using a single Google Account. If you create a different Google Account and thus a different Google Drive on each one of your computers, then Google Drive works just fine for storing that machine's data on the cloud. I have done just that out of necessity, because whenever I installed the Google Drive software on multiple machines using the same Google Account, that Google Drive always got trashed because it wasn't able to properly sync incoming data from two different machines onto a single Google Drive or a single Google User Account.

I use a different Google Account and different Google Drive for my work machine, my school machine, and my personal machine. That way, the Google Drives remain stable when each Google Drive is receiving input from only one machine and only has to sync up with one machine. The Google Drives are still the slowest of all the cloud drives to sync, but the 15 GB of free cloud storage is worth it.
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