I'm Currently an IT Lab Aide

I'm Currently an IT Lab Aide

Postby Bilbo Baggins » Sat Sep 20, 2014 5:45 pm

I'm currently an IT Lab Aide at Salt Lake Community College. For me, it's an excellent entry-level IT Job and presents to me an IT Career Path that I can grow into. I like working around the younger students and helping them to get connected.

I help students to get their computers connected to the SLCC servers, and I help students to find what they are looking for on the SLCC Home Page.


I also keep the printers fed, and help the students to get their homework printed when their computer does not have a connection to the SLCC servers. I also help students and staff to get their laptops, tablets, and smartphones connected to the SLCC Wi-Fi system.

I sometimes help students to find their way around new computer programs that they haven't used before. For me, it's a very enjoyable job that lets me interact with people while at the same time interacting with their computers also.

I believe that my A+ Certification was instrumental in getting me this job; and, I know that my A+ and Network+ certifications have been very useful helping me to know and be conversational about what needs to be done to fulfill this job. Getting A+ Certified was time well-spent, especially since computers have always been of interest to me.
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