My Favorite So Far

My Favorite So Far

Postby Certified » Sun Sep 21, 2014 10:23 pm

The Network portion of A+ Certificate and the subsequent Network+ Certificate were probably my most favorite certificates that I have taken so far. For me, the information was new and therefore very interesting and very informative.

The Network+ Certificate is a great foundation for networking knowledge. In my IT job, I have found that it is very helpful to at least be conversational about networks, and the Network+ Certificate provided that for me.

My most-used certificate, though, has obviously been my A+ Certificate. In any IT job, it is necessary to be conversational about computers and understand what people are talking about, and the A+ Certificate provided that.

So far, I haven't had much use for my Security+ Certificate, although my associates in my IT job do occasionally use terms that I learned from my Security+ Exam.

The other certificates I have are just icing on the cake -- they are neither my favorite nor my most-used.
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