I Use Different Browsers Simultaneously

I Use Different Browsers Simultaneously

Postby Certified » Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:25 pm

I often have an instance of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer all going at the same time.

My favorite browser is Google Chrome. It is fast and intuitive. Things just simply are where you expect them to be, and they work the way you expect them to work. Things are named by what they do. I tend to do my browsing , blogging, school work, and forum participation in Google Chrome, because everything just works right in Google Chrome. Also, on the old XP machines that some of my friends have, Google Chrome just works right; whereas, their computers sometimes hang or stop working if they try to load up Internet Explorer on their ancient machines.

My next favorite browser is FireFox. A couple of my school programs were designed to work with FireFox, and they run best under FireFox. I sometimes use FireFox for my participation in online forums. I'm using FireFox right now to write this.

The only other browser that I have used extensively is Internet Explorer. I used it for a decade. I primarily use it for online shopping, and Internet Explorer does have a reputation for being the most secure browser, especially when it comes to shopping and the exchange of sensitive information. My Amazon, Paypal, Ebay, Newegg, Walmart, OfficeMax, Pharmacy, and other purchases are all done with Internet Explorer. The whales and the big box stores make sure that their web sites work perfectly with Internet Explorer. The drawback is that Internet Explorer is very slow compared to the others, and many forum pages and web pages don't always look right or work right under Internet Explorer. A lot of my online school work would actually hang or glitch badly when run on Internet Explorer, so I learned not to use Internet Explorer for anything involving school work. I use Internet Explorer primarily for eCommerce.
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