My new PC won't play DVD's

My new PC won't play DVD's

Postby Bilbo Baggins » Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:57 pm

One of the most common complaints that I hear is: “My Windows PC won't play DVD's, but it has a DVD player. Why won't it play DVD movies?”

Then I have to explain to my friends and family that they have to buy an extra piece of software, a DVD Movie Player (a media player that plays DVDs), in order to play their DVD's on their computer. Some of them even seem to think it is my fault that they spent all sorts of money on a new computer from Dell, and it won't even play DVD's because they didn't check the box to buy PowerDVD or some such so that they could play their DVD's on their PC's.

My wife was telling me how stupid that is. She said that there should be a free DVD player out there that people with Windows machines can download and use to play their DVD's. I have been hearing that for the past decade from others, and I finally heard it the other day from my wife.

There are ways to hack some versions of Media Player so that it will play DVD's. I think the Media Center bloat (which Microsoft is phasing out) has a DVD player built into it. But, it's nice to just simply have a program that plays DVD Movies on your computer when a DVD Movie is put into the DVD drive, without all of the extra grief or bloat or expense.

I finally found a free DVD Player that actually seems to be pretty good, and I can now give it to all of my friends who want one.

It's called Zoom Player.

The only con or price is that they seem to load the free version with PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), and even if you uncheck all of the installation boxes telling the thing not to install any of them, the thing still installs a PUP anyway that you then have to uninstall.

Zoom Player Free seems determined to install something from AVG on your machine. As we all know, AVG has become a virus and a browser hijacker, even though it claims to be an anti-virus program. Once you get that “AVG virus” on your machine, it refuses to come off. The only thing I have found that seems to successfully kill the “AVG virus” is a program called AdwCleaner from Bleeping Computer, which is really good for killing all sorts of browser hijackers and the “AVG malware” and “AVG toolbar”.

Anyway, as long as you are able to get rid of any of the PUPs that Zoom Player might install, it seems to be a good, free DVD Movie Player for Windows Computers.
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