Virus Prevention and Removal

Our mission is to try to teach each and every person on this planet how to get the viruses and malware off their Computer Systems and keep it off. We have pages of material dedicated to this mission.

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Life is Like Baseball . . .

Life is like baseball — you cover all the bases and then go home.

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Our Portfolio of Stores

STORE PORT: At this link, we include a portfolio or listing of all our different affiliates.  It’s a Portfolio of Stores. It has been fun building this eclectic storefront, because there are some very interesting websites that our affiliates have produced and a lot can be learned from those who have gone before. Party […]

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An LDS Soul

An LDS Soul: We now sponsor a small website and forum entitled, “An LDS Soul”. No comments or registration is permitted at the website, but you can sign up for the forum and participate there if any of the subjects interest you. The Website: “An LDS Soul” Discussion Forum: Be Excellent to Each […]

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Our Real Blog!

We created a massive Computer Discussion Forum which so far has turned out to be nothing more than a Huge Personal Blog. It’s a key waiting to be turned. All of our blogging and commenting and moderating are taking place over there: Feel free to check out our little Computer Store. It’s a blog […]

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Welcome to All Things Computer!

WELCOME TO “ALL THINGS COMPUTER”! THIS WEBSITE SPECIALIZES IN COMPUTER REVIEWS, PARTS, SOFTWARE, DISCUSSION, AND REPAIRS. The computer discussion takes place at: Our free Anti-Virus and Malware Removal Guide: MAL B GONE If you need help with virus and malware removal or need some computer repair work done in the Greater Salt Lake City […]

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