Anti-Virus Tips

MAL B GONE The Ultimate Computer Virus and Malware Removal Guide: Every piece of anti-Malware and anti-Virus software that we are promoting here is FREE. This means that anybody in the world can implement this Malware Prevention System, and then get the same results that we have gotten. The only thing it will cost you […]

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Ccleaner and Glary Utilities: I know it’s not sexy or cool, but I’ve been using Ccleaner almost every day for over a decade because it keeps the gookies out of my computers and internet browsers. Back when Windows XP was the norm, Internet Explorer would literally freeze up if there got to be too many […]

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Spybot S & D

Spybot S & D and Malwarebytes: Most people will put Malwarebytes here in this position; but, I am relatively new to Malwarebytes. The one I have been using for the past decade is Spybot Search and Destroy. This one is critical for my malware defense plan, because of its Immunization feature. When you run the […]

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Bleeping Computer

AdwCleaner: I use AdwCleaner to put the finishing touches on the process of Malware Removal.  AdwCleaner removes browser hijackers so that you can get your home page back, among other things. If you install something malicious through your browser, your spyware checker and virus checker will tend to think you did so deliberately and let […]

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