B L U E H O S T :

We are very happy to be affiliated with BlueHost.  BlueHost provides hosting services for our websites and forums.  They quickly became our favorite Hosting service.  We went with their mid-tier package that allows us to run two separate domains along with 25 sub-domains.  We can install and support 27 different WordPress websites on the same account, if we want to.  We are only up to nine right now.  That package also came with one-click install for WordPress and phpBB3, along with a host of other free packages that we can also install.  BlueHost has proven to be the best value in hosting that we have encountered so far.  We are lucky that we found them.  We have been pleased with their service in every way possible.

If you need Web Hosting, please give them a try.

Be Excellent to Yourself,

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